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Water polo | short course swimming World Cup ended Chinese wins 12 gold | Beijing Railway Station crowded Luca Beijing time on October 13th, the 2010 fina short course swimming world cup matches are over in the water cube in Beijing Railway Station. Chinese athletes won 10 gold medals in the women's project. The man got 2. Of all 34 gold medals, China won 12 proud men. This is the Beijing Railway Station fina short course World Cup series of second stations, because before the Asian Games, for athletes, Zhang Lin, Liu Zige period, Jiao Liuyang, Wu Peng, Zhao Jing and other famous are short of war, China team sent Chen Zuo and Gao Chang led more than 50 entries. name will be absent, the little will take advantage of the strong war stage, Xiao Hui poetry is the biggest black horse! The 200 meter individual medley, the women's 100 meter freestyle champion, and catch up from behind in the women's 400 metres individual medley, with 4 points in 28. 67 seconds to beat the w cheap nfl jerseys free shipping orld record holder, American Schmidt winning the championship. It was more likely to look forward to the performance of her 200 meter medley in the next Asian Games. after the end of the game, Brazil player Parreira Chinese where players high Chang was named fina in the race for the best male and female athletes. Brazil's Parreira, who won 3 gold medals in the competition, took only 2 events, women's 50 - and 100 - meter backstroke, but they all won the championship easily. The following is the entire gold project China and gold grade: women's 50 meter backstroke 26 second 00 women's 100 meter backstroke 57 second 45 women's 100 meter breaststroke Sun Ye 1 minutes 06 seconds 18 women's 100 meter freestyle leaf poetry 53 second 66 women's 200 meter individual medley leaf poetry 2 minutes 08 seconds 87 women's 200 meter freestyle Zhu Qianyu 1 minutes 54 seconds 32 women's 200 meter breaststroke Sun Ye 2 minutes 21 seconds 80 women's 400 meter freestyle Liu Jing 4 minutes 0 seconds 55 women's 400 meter individual medley leaf poetry 4 minutes 28 seconds 67 women's 800 meter freestyle as Luomeng 8 minutes 28 seconds 41 men's 400 meter freestyle in China and Korea 3 minutes 46 seconds men's 1500 meter freestyle Zhang Zibin 15 minutes 05 seconds 59NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The official website of NFL | giant safety. Believe there is still hope | football playoffs , for fans who are familiar with the New York giants, the playoffs of Ann Terrell Rolle Antrel Rolle seem to have become a regular program of every season. Let's go back to 2012, when the giant in November with 6 wins and 4 losses in the top division. Rolle told the media that the giant could win all the rest of the game and enter the playoffs as No. 1. In October 2013, the giants opened 0 - 4, and Rolle was confident that the team had the ability to win 12 games. on Tuesday, local time, Rolle once again published his views on the issue. Asked whether the team could squeeze into the playoffs with 9 - 7, Rolle said: in my mind, there is no suspense. No matter whether Rolle's confidence is groundless and meaningful, we have to admit that he is a very good captain. He is good at mobilizing his teammates and, regardless of the team's performance, he is full of confidence in his teammates. from the perspective of competition, the giants will encounter Jacksonville Jaguar, Tennessee Titan, Washington red skin and Saint Louis ram in the remaining 6 matches. Maybe they can win more victories, but they want to keep the chance of winning the whole. On the other hand, even if Rolle did, 9 - 7 is hard to help them into the playoffs.Sometimes the best way to alleviate the sports is sour laugh. It was clearly in line with Cleveland Brown's bad situation to hold a parade. recently Brown fan Chris McNeil (Chris McNeil) came to Cleveland city hall to submit the application for parade. His plan was to march around Brown's home court from noon on January 6th to 2 p.m. last season, McNeil for the same application, but fortunately the team last season in the sixteenth week of 20 to 17 victory over San Diego team lightning. now Brown is 0, 11, and will enter thirteenth weeks. Will we repeat the history? We don't know, but they are going to face the lightning. This is just the flash of lightning in Losangeles. if they lost the game so they go against the Green Bay Packers, Baltimore crow, Chicago bears and Pittsburgh Steelers, they didn't have much chance. has learned that all the proceeds of the parade will enter the Cleveland food bank. Last year, the team's victory brought about 8000 dollars in donations and 32000 food.

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