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Beijing time, December 2nd, the NFL regular season thirteenth weeks ushered in the eastern part of the United States Civil War. In the end, the Miami dolphin, who was a guest in New York, defeated the New York jet at 16:13 with a fourth quarter final free kick. After the opening of , the jet propelling the ball to the half court with a solid road surface. But Geno Smith failed to pass the two row in a row, and it could only be concluded by the discard kick. The dolphin is rapidly being "three strikes". The jet that takes back the ball is continuing to attack on the basis of the road surface. Finally, the Greg Greg Salas uses the outer hand reverse stroke strategy to complete the 20 yard ball to reach the goal, and the jet 7-0 takes the lead in scoring. The dolphins played 10 offensive 57 yards in the next wave of offensive, but eventually kicker Caleb Sturgis (Caleb Sturgis) - 43 yard free kick misses. second, the jet with the ball is played 10 offensive, but in the short three yards failed, only kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) kicked 40 yard free kick, leading 10-0 jets. The dolphin is still in a state of sluggish attack and plun cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ged into the 123 - gear kick again. The jet went to the free kick range again after a subsequent attack, but Falk's 48 yards free kick missed the attack, and the attack group's 14 shift and 64 yards' efforts failed. In the last 3 minutes of the first half, the dolphins managed to organize an effective attack, Ryan Tanneixier (Ryan Tannehill) continuous line more than receivers, help Sturgis hit a 43 yard free kick in the last 4 seconds, the first half score for dolphins and 3-10 jet. In section third of , the first to hold the ball in midfield dolphins after adjustment, pass and move, but the jets defense group completed three defense in the red edge, the dolphins again hit the 44 yard free kick, score close to 6-10. Jet Road Attack step, but failed again in the three short code, Falk do a 45 yard free kick, jet 13-6. The third section is then caught in a tug of war, the first 13 years of the dolphin show Bangyan Duhem - Jordan (Dion Jordan) blocked the jet's punt, but a Taer Sill in passing by the impact, running back Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) to take the low pass, but become a Volleyball Setter. Is the jets cornerback Darin Walls (Darrin Walls) steals. But the jet didn't catch the chance. In the third section, each side hit 1 free kicks, and the jet was 13-6 ahead of the fourth. in determining the outcome of the fourth quarter, both sides played more and more anxious, the dolphins offensive team finally recovered, the jets defense group also figured out today to run the basic ball attack gate. The dolphin was first made by the runner Miller to finish 4 yards of the ball. The jet also came to the free kick with a foul on the dolphin, but Falk was in a bad state today and missed another 45 - yard free kick. 〉?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????AJ-?????A.J. Green???????????????????????????????? Green is at the end of the fourth quarter and the Steelers safety Mike Mitchell (Mike Mitchell) were injured in the collision, when he had received a 17 yard pass, Mitchell and he collided head-on, then another Steelers defensive player Antoine - Blake (Antwon Blake) to Green down, this time Green has the inability to protect the ball, the Steelers get the key off the ball, the tigers reversed hope this shattered. By the end of the injury , Green received a total of 6 times, pushing 67 yards. Now Green wants to play in Indianapolis next week for the pony's wild card race or some difficulty, of course, everything depends on the recovery of this week.last week NFL's official media players misspelled the name, the first is, Vincent Griffin (Everson Griffin) and Prince (Prince Amukamara) - Amukamula. but for these two only this season has been misspelled, can you imagine that a player's name has been misspelled for several seasons by the league? He is the Seattle Seahawks kicker Stephen hauska (Stephen or Steve Hauschka). people always met Stephen's name is spelled Steven, reportedly hauska in addition to other local birth certificate and license the name is wrong. Horska said: "the confusion is mainly because of spelling errors in college, but you can also call me Steve." let's take a look at his full name: Stephen Theodore " Steve" Hauschka.The official website of NFL | Mustang running back Anderson Manning to retire | football C.J. Anderson (C.J. Anderson) has become the latest person to think that the era of Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) should end. , the Denver wild horse guard, shared his views on Manning's future on Friday in an interview with the NFL website. when asked if Manning should retire, Anderson replied, I do think so. Let him retire with merit. What does he have to do? He has become the most valuable player in the league and two Super Bowl Champions, and he ranks first in every technical statistics record. My 18 man, it's time to retire... I'm happy to work with you. Manning had repeatedly said he would take the time to consider the decision for the future, but it is expected that the future Hall of fame quarterback will be a final decision in this offseason retired. no matter what Manning makes, it is difficult for him to beat the substitute quarterback Bullock Aus Ville (Brock Osweiler) next season. It's a little bad to see a veteran who is sure to go to the hall of fame but has been replaced by a younger player with a higher limit. In spite of the second Champions, it will be Manning's future in the wild. maybe Anderson just wanted Manning to choose retirement to avoid a farce in the future for the first quarterback.

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