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now Losangeles rams are looking for opportunities to talk to the head coach of New Orleans saints Sean Payton (Sean Peyton). According to the news reporter , with the saints lost to Atlanta falcons to end his season after Payton and saints general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Loomis) talks about the future to meet team coach. at the same time, ram has been throwing olive branches to Payton this week, hoping to get Payton's permission to talk with him. It is learned that the saints also welcome a team to deal with Payton. Analysts at speculated that Payton was coming to the countdown to the saints because Payton had rejected the team's renewal. Now just fired his rams coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) obviously, anything could happen. Buffalo Bill on Monday announced the t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eam quarterback Kell Orton (Kyle Orton) to the end of their 10 years of occupation career, retire. Orton also made a brief statement about his retirement. He said: "I've played for ten years and it's time to rest. I just want to return to my family and be a good father. " at the end of the season after Orton had retired but tendency, out of love for football or signed a contract with Bill. This season, he first sent out 12 games, passing 3018 yards, 18 passes and 10 times. The pass rate was 64.2% and the pass pass score was 87.8. He should have got a $5 million 500 thousand salary for the next season, but the contract is about to be revoked. Orton retired so that Bill once again in the absence of reliable quarterback position, although Orton can not become the long-term security of the team, but at least it is a relatively reliable short-term option, the current Bill team of Manuel EJ- (E.J.Manuel) is disappointing, he has lost the team coach Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone). Trust. Looking for four new Wei became a priority among priorities of Bill during the offseason, there is news that Bill has been on the Chicago bears quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) transactions show interest. Squash | China squash players: Chen Xiu Name: morning sex: female birth: 1988.9.11 native place: Qinhuangdao, Qinhuangdao, Hebei experience: a year and a half grip: right hand career: in school hobbies: listen to songs, read personal results: 2008 National Championships women's list thirdThe official website of NFL | Josh Gordon ban period continue to rely on the sale of the car by | football Although thanks to the new drug policy, as the Cleveland Brown ball season Mawang receiver Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) to obtain the commutation process avoids the season, but still need to be suspended for 10 games, the count has missed the first week and the tenth week race bye, he was the first to wait until twelfth weeks to go into battle. And this time Gordon was not idle, and he had been working on his ideal job: the car salesman. Josh - Gordon in the commutation before has served as Sarkozy goodwill ambassador car company odd hybrid position, the company is located in Ohio, Shandong, randolph. The company owner Eric Alex Sal Chio Ni said: he will continue to cooperate with us, but due to the reduction of the ban period of Gordon, the schedule of will be changed. The two sides have already discussed it before. Sal Chio Ni also said: "Gordon is an olive player without doubt. We have been emphasizing this. We hope that Brown will return to the stadium as soon as possible. But he also has a contract with us. At present, our two sides haven't discussed how to adjust his future schedule, but he still works here from morning till night, instead of running around and leaving the job at random. It is reported that Gordon has sold his first car, he said he will continue to spare, learn how to sell the car and increase their sales. Mr wants people to odd oni don't be misled by the media reports, he is really a very pragmatic guy, he is always looking for him to sign all comers, we all love him very much.

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