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NFL official website | Hilton patriot defense: they do a good | football is just like their attacking ball. The new England patriots achieved the pre competition goal in defending Indianapolis pony T.Y. T.Y. (T.Y. Hilton). use the Patriots cornerback Kell Arlington (Kyle Arrington) and mark Hilton sent 1 safetys in front of Hilton to defend the over ran behind him. The effect of such a defensive approach is better than in the eleventh weeks of the game. Arlington limited Hilton's performance to 36 yards of 1 times. (Bill) Billy Cheik (Bill Belichick) coach, he did the same thing, developed a defensive strategy, marking the Arlington like me, (security guard Dwyane Mccati (Devin McCourty)) in front of me to defend, Hilton said. They let me do nothing. When I try to run the road, they retreat at the cable guard. It's the same defensive strategy as the eleventh week game. They have a good limit on my play. Hilton has picked up 1345 yards and 7 times in the 82 time this season and is in the professional bowl. But one thing he can't say is that this season is the best performance against patriots this season. He took only 4 shots of 60 yards in 2 matches against the Patriots. Kell was really impr cheap nfl jerseys free shipping oving, well guarding T.Y., Billy Cheik said. T.Y. is a great catcher. He has a great speed and a keen sense. He is a hard defensive player on all routes: short distance, middle distance, long distance. He was flying near the sideline to complete a catch and not out of bounds. It was a perfect pass and a perfect relay. But in the face of them is to face such a performance. But Kell was really good. He did the interference, and he and Devon really got a good guard against T.Y..Green Bay Packers, coach Mike Mccarthy (Mike McCarthy) said quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) may take part in training on Thursday, but anyway, the quarterback will be packed on Sunday by the Dallas cowboys. 's better question may be how Rodgers's sprained left leg would be able to limit his play in the playoffs at the lanburger stadium in the playoffs. "I'm going to play on Sunday," Rodgers said Wednesday. "It's just a question of how to behave." Mccarthy on Wednesday did not let Rodgers participate in the training, which means that since December 28th against the Detroit lions regular season finale left leg was injured again Rodgers didn't go to court. The packers training 2 times in the bye week 2 times, while Rodgers did not participate in the. They will have 2 training sessions this week, on Thursday and Saturday, respectively. "I plan to get Aaron to play on Sunday," Mccarthy said after training on Wednesday. "The schedule for him today is to stay in the gym. He still needs to do some training there. If he is able to take part in the training, let's see what he will do tomorrow. He has been inspected every day, but every aspect shows that he is going to play. Rodgers accepted the team doctor pat McKinsey (Pat McKenzie) on Wednesday morning, and the latter decided that Rodgers would not be able to take part in the training. "It depends on how it feels," Rodgers said. "I have been examined by the medical team. I meet him every day. It really didn't change anything on the agenda. This is the beginning of the plan. Now the feeling is getting better, but let's see how it feels tomorrow. " After 's 2 - wave attack on the lion's game, Rodgers's ability to move back to the game was greatly restricted. Although still in 13 passes in 11 times and scored 1 touchdowns in the second half of the play he did not leave the quarterback protection network. He also finished the 1 1 yards of the ball. When asked if he could do everything he would normally do, Rodgers said, "we'll know." "it's Wednesday," he said again. "So I hope the situation will continue to get better."Baltimore Raven Steve Steve Smith recently announced its withdrawal from twitter. Steve found a good reason for her withdrawal by clever analogy. Smith said on the crow's official website on Thursday local time: "the debate on the Internet is like a 2 (Cover 2) defensive tactic as a corner guard. It is as if the safetys stand behind you, you will feel very good, but if you have to face 1 to 1 of the situation, you have to step back. That's what I think of twitter now. " Smith said one of the reasons for his withdrawal was that there were many meaningless accusations and even abuses on tweet. These statements are not only on the physical level, but also for people. Smith had always been unscrupulous in rebutting these criticisms, but his wife told him that he should set a good example for the children. This also makes Smith determined to stay away from the dispute and withdraw from twitter. "On twitter, I always want to kill them on twitter," Smith said. So now I decided to quit. "The official website of NFL | packers wide receiver Cobb shoulder injuries | leave football The Green Bay Packers had a third - week pre - season match at 30 Beijing time, and finally they won the visit to the Philadelphia hawks. In the second place, the key point is that the wrapper has many main forces in the game because of the injury and departure. The team star receiver Randall Cobb (Randall Cobb) in the first game in the wing suffered a grapple, then he feels unwell, left the game and never return. But according to the official website of NFL reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Cobb's teammates think his injury is not serious, just a slight sprain, and not speculation of the clavicle fracture. While Cobb himself is in the interview said: "we should step by step now, tomorrow we will be able to know the specific injury report. in the main squad safetys McCarthy - Hyde (Micah Hyde) seems to be a lot more serious injuries, he was in the game on the way out of electric transport due to injury, then the team revealed head neck injury. While the main right tackle Blaine Braga (Bryan Bulaga) due to a sprained ankle also dropped out of the race, but he did not leave the stadium but on the bench and watched the game, always laughing and talking with the team.

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