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The official website of NFL | himself in the mirror - Russell - Wilson | Rugby I walked into the ward, and you could feel from the air that it was full of sadness. I'll never forget it. The child lying on the bed was filled with pipes. His name is Milton Wright (Milton). He was a black child with a good physical quality and light skin. He is taller than me, and he looks like a healthy child. Milton high school played rugby, and later he became a model. One day, when he woke up, he could hardly move. He went to the hospital for several tests, and the results were very bad: Milton had advanced leukemia. this incredible TV ad is only 19 years old. the child was lying on the bed, waiting for the death in silence. when I walked into the cancer unit of the hospital, his family was beside him. Milton cried quietly, and I could see that he was afraid. Wards all tearful, I also like. His mother told me that this was not the first time Milton had faced leukemia. Milton beat the disease at the age of 8 and beat leukemia again at the age of 14. now, this terrible illness again reached out to Milton. the only thing I thought of at that time was that it was unfair to him. This idea takes up my mind: Yes, it's really unfair. I tried to say something to comfort him, but I couldn't say it. The grief and fear that spread in the ward repressed everything. Milton has only one hope to survive. The doctors at Seattle children's Hospital try to adopt a trial therapy -- T cell therapy supported by the strong against cancer clinical trial in the hospital. This is the last straw, and there is no other way out. The doctor tol cheap nfl jerseys free shipping d me that this T cell therapy was used only once in Seattle's children's hospital. I'm just a rugby player, so I won't try to explain how the treatment is treated in a scientific way. But in short, doctors put T cells into Milton's blood and use T cells to clean up cancer cells. at first, the therapy was successful. Suddenly, Milton's situation was getting worse. The resistance of T cells and cancer cells caused Milton's temperature to rise sharply, making Milton dying. When this happens, the doctor can press ", restart the switch ", and take back the T cells. Milton and his family have to decide whether or not.Sami - Watkins (Sammy Watkins) will be in the last year of the contract, and his future in Buffalo Bill is full of uncertainty. Bill announced on Tuesday that they would not choose to carry out Watkins's fifth - year contract option. The contract option will allow Watkins to get about $13 million 260 thousand in 2018. Watkins paid $3 million 138 thousand this year. Bill picked up Watkins in the 2014 draft and traded up to fourth place. They paid ninth in the draft of the year's draft and the first round and the fourth round in 2015. What's worse for Bill fans is that from now on, they could have selected Odell Beckham Jr. at ninth. Watkins's continuing injuries in the past two seasons have made Bill reluctant to carry out the contract options with injury support. Watkins, 23, has been out of 11 games in the last two seasons. He also took the offseason in foot surgery. 's refusal to carry out the contract options is an adventure for Bill because they have no good attacking players except Watkins. In the first two months of the season Watkins, he completed a total of 125 catches for 2029 yards and 15 touchdowns made. In the last season with injuries, he only finished 28 ball 430 yards and 2 touchdowns. if Watkins can stay healthy in the new season, have not been executed fifth years contract option for him is a blessing in disguise, contrary to Bill's decision makers will be a headache. If Watkins is doing well in the new season, he may force Bill to use the privileged label to keep him on the team. The privilege tag allows him to get a higher salary than the fifth year contract. if Watkins played his own ability in the new season, it would seem stupid to decide not to carry out the contract options. But on the other hand, if Watkins was injured again, Bill saved $13 million.The official website of NFL | week third Thursday night game preview: red giant | football @ in the new season has started two weeks like a raging fire, has always been to chaos instability in the NL East quickly showed the characteristics of red last week upset victory over with 1 wins and 1 losses ranked male division second, while the giants lost all two matches only better than the eagle. If you want to realize the laws of the year of the Olympic Games, we should go to the ground to get the blood of the season first. maximum point: red skin ground attack vs giant defense group Two weeks ago Paoqiu number first team from the east country, but not a luxury line of jeans, more than last season has rushed Diego Murray eagle, but red! Alfred Maurice and rookie Matt Jones each rushed out of the 100 yards in the first two weeks, which is the first time since the 06 season of lightning that the team had a 100 yard runner in the first two weeks. And the main team giant's runaway league sixth is not bad. Whether the giants are able to intercept Maurice and Jones will largely determine whether they will win the first season of the season in this game. giant attack group vs red defense team Although the first two lost all, but it's only lost 5 points, the most responsible is undoubtedly play offensive group. The two groups of Rashard - Jennings and Andre - Williams were not very efficient. In addition to Odell Beckham ranked two or three in the catcher is running back vering (12 122) and the proximal end of the front dornell ranked fourth, Parke took over the accident was dismissed. Coupled with Eli Manning at the critical moment of the bad decisions. All data are the main attacking giant League in the middle reaches of the suspended in midair, let Laoshuai Tom Coughlin's position looks extremely dangerous. The offensive front line in general, left Jiefeng first show Elek flowers not surprisingly in the rookie season by fancy teach man, and his tuition is behind a small Manning was knocked to the ground. The only bright spot is Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper Beckham OBJ, before the two 12 pick 190 yards, including 9 catches is to help the team get the first attack, the conversion rate reached 75%, plus Victor Cruz began jogging, this is undoubtedly a good sign for the giant attack group for current predicament. The defense red quite nerve knife taste, a will in the Seahawks who get 31 points to 10 points only limit rams. The Redskins defensive 3-4 striker configuration is also quite magnificent, sub - three - hatchel Knighton, which are the League yangmingliwan corner, has excellent ability to impact the quarterback. On exterior guards, the 13.5 Carrigan and two grade Murphy and the two - round Preston Smith were all young and energetic in the last season. Keenan - Robinson and Perry - Riley, who have joined the London Fletcher gun for two years. There are a lot of loopholes in the back defense, except for the former 49〉The official website of NFL | Gordon Tate: I missed the Seahawks and HARVIN | Rugby Gordon (Golden Tate) - Tate the season to join the Detroit lions after the performance, make everyone satisfied. While his former club Seattle Seahawks are passing attack problems. In this regard, Tate gives his own idea: for them, this is a big problem. Now, they are not me, also saying good-bye to Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin). Tate decided to join the lions, with the Seahawks, the New York jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars met, he finally decided to accept the 5 year, $31 million contract. Then, he will offer the Seahawks described as ridiculous. This is Hal traded to the Seahawks jets in the last month. 's view is correct, the Seahawks currently is the lack of offensive weapons. Doug Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) is the number one team took over, the Seahawks offensive yardage ranked thirty-first in the league. According to this trend, the Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) data will set a new career low after the end of the season. Tate said: I guess, at the time that the Seahawks draft at least 5, or even 7 top target receivers. This makes them reluctant to pay for the contract.

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