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- Smith (Geno Smith), will become the New York jets preseason starting quarterback." Team coach Ryan (Rex Ryan) unexpectedly announced the decision. Smith was the first to start in his second years in his career, and he is now working with the first attack team in 80% of his time. Vic signed with the jet fleet in March this year, before he played in the Philadelphia hawks for 5 years. For the jet fleet, Vic is an experienced sub - quarterback, and can also be the core of the attack when Smith plays out or gets hurt. Ryan said he and the attack coordinator were not yet sure that the next game should let Smith and the starters play more time on the court. As a result, Vic still has a chance to prove himself in the pre - season.The official website of NFL | Steelers Coach: pouncy hope that in the second half of the season | football com cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eback Pittsburgh Steelers still hope center Mo Keith (Maurkice Pouncey) - Pang Xi can return from injury during the season. Coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said in an interview Thursday local time in the west, Pang has the opportunity to return in the second half of the season, but also depends on the specific circumstances of his postoperative recovery degree. ponsi left the field during a pre - season match with Green Bay Packers, and then he chose to operate on the injured left ankle. At present, the Steelers plan will be included in the poncy injured reserve list, this also means that the first time he will be back in ninth weeks. with the absence of ponsi, Cody Wallace, who has entered the League for 8 years, will be the first center of the team. Doug - Leger J Ki (Doug Legursky) will be the first substitute.The official website of NFL | Edelman: second tier football | Seahawks extremely cruel new England patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman (Julian Edelman) is very clear, the team in the super bowl against the Seattle Seahawks defensive alliance group has the most horrible, especially their second tier. From the data, the past 8 games, averaging 9.8 points the Seahawks lost points. By Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) led the Seahawks second season, only allow single opponents offensive advance at least 20 yards 39 times, the number is also the least union. For the defense of such terror, Edelman used a cruel word to describe their opponents. Edelman said: they are different from other teams. Each of them was tall, strong, and even murderous. They have a strong ability to carry out their work and work very seriously. We have some of these big men, but it's quite different. We lack the experience of facing this kind of opponent, so we have to make use of the rest of the time to prepare for it. patriots offensive group the most reliable weapon is of course the tight end rob kousky (Rob Gronkowski), Gelon he has the ability to have the upper hand in counterpoint and any player in the seahawks. From this point of view, the performance will also determine kousky Gelon championship this season in a certain extent of belonging.Miami dolphins in the local time on Wednesday suffered a bad news, the main squad - Safety Lewis Delmas (Louis Delmas) in the training of anterior cruciate ligament tear, is likely to face the season. He left the arena in December last year with the same injury. Delmas although not top safety, but it is still a high level player starting. Last season, he was in a state of ups and downs, with a total score of only -0.2 points, a step back from the +2.8 in the 2013 season. But in Delmas coverage good performance has been stable, last season he averaged 36 files covering defence will let the other successful ball once in the league in safety tenth, the 2013 season is only released a file every 42.4 ball in the league in third. The team did not have much experience of dolphin safetys, Walter Aiken Adams (Walt Aikens), Jordan Kaowakesi (Jordan Kovacs) and Mike Thomas (Mike Thomas) that several appearances last season's total file number only 193 files, I'm afraid embarrassed use. The only experienced Philip Thomas (Philip Thomas) showed a very low performance on the red leather last season, with a total score of -9 and a defensive score of -8.1. So for the dolphin, seek safety on reinforcing imperative.

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