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The official website of NFL | Eric EBRI will be the next Graham? | football is not suitable for a young near - end front with the 3 professional bowl player Jamie - Graham (Jimmy Graham). but this contrast but still was the Detroit lions wide receiver Lance Moore (Lance Moore) to speak out, Moore and Graham spent 4 seasons he has something to say: Yes, Jamie is very great, but from the perspective of sports talent and I think they have the same ability in the same the starting line, the future sky is Eric (Eric Eborn) of Bree. Eric was the first round of the lion's 2014 draft. In his 13 games, he had only completed 25 shots to push 248 yards and 1. Obviously no one wants to have such a Fantasy player. Since then, a few games have been missed because of a muscle strain. again to see Graham, the last 4 years to complete the 4396 yards of the ball push and 46 array. From the data, Eric's goals are still far away.early in the Carolina Panthers draft pick cam - Newton (Cam Newton) when they don't think Newton can lead the team into the cheap nfl jerseys free shipping fiftieth super bowl. In 2011, when the Black Panther chose Newton, people actually looked forward to it, but they were also very confused. They wanted to know what a young man is. at that time, the Panthers used various tests to confirm all kinds of information of Newton, but how to get accurate information when no one saw him? So the coach Ron Rivera chose to let his daughter do the spy. is the daughter of Rivera was enrolled in the San Diego cathedral catholic high school, where Newton was just accept the quarterback training, and Rivera's daughter father every day to transfer useful information. eventually Newton stayed in the Panther, as we can see, and he passed the tests.if you say you are a loyal fan of a team, have you ever owned their exclusive shoes? recently to express for Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Anthony Brown (Antonio Brown) super performance on Sunday against the Oakland raid on the appreciation of the famous rapper Snoopy - Dog (Snoop Dogg) shows they have a pair of the one and only AJ5. in the day of the game, Brown completed the 17 ball to push 248 yards, run 22 yards, performance all-around, help the team won the victory. if you are that you can consider the Steelers fans, the other shoe sponsor.Carolina Panther 26-31 New Orleans saints is worthy of the playoffs, and the regular styles of the two sides have not been played out. The opening of Ingram ball from the Panther stopped another attack in the core of Kamala before the third by running back to take over the position shifting position, since the station is also very free, it didn't want to be a serious running back, but with its comprehensive disrupted Panther defense deployment, but the Panthers the response is very simple, let the defensive leader Luke Jikeli one-on-one at Kamala, the saints can not find a time to attack. But the saints of the Panther than adjustment faster, Bracey adds a lot of false run from the regular season tactics, often use "double running back" is the core game temporarily hidden edge, Bracey recorded a long line of small Ted Gold Saints offensive group upas, let be fired, then top catcher Michael Thomas won out double victory, running back a right to left a black panther involved in defense, then a red zone could run fake cheat Panther entire defense group, early 14 to 3 lead saints. then attack wave, Bracey, Josh and Coleman for Hill and Thomas connection, now people understand the offensive advantage in front of Saint pass protection, the best defensive front - Schott has captured and killed cavin Houston, but only two times the pressure, and the outer side of the Panther only veteran defender peipers two times press other waiters rushed in the audience. Bracey comfortably to do his familiar work in his pocket, the regular season saints show the world that Bracey deliberately Qiuwen, two running backs ferocious beast, but in the playoffs, Bracey on the one hand to tell the world that the brother or the king of the world football, only Bracey in the first half 18 13 in 230 yards with 2 touchdowns. and Jonathan - Stewart's Panthers running back to the array, but also not a storm road efficiency, in addition to remember when Newton first shot is looking for the number one wide receiver Fonches and other top cornerback Ma Shang lattimores, the ball was lattimores completely eat dead, still hurt. Fonches, then Newton will not easily try to find one on one, but soon find McCaffrey, or can not find the ball was rather hard on his ball forward. In addition to rely on McCaffrey's four rub scattered code number, and Greg Olsen singled out advantage struggling to control the time of the Panther is almost double the number of saints, into the red zone, even more than the saints, but the attack led to the detail of the zero touchdowns, the Panthers kicker Graham GANO missed 25 yards but the hit 58 yards, and 9 more than 21 half offset, the Panther score behind. entered the second half. The situation is still weird. The Panthers can delay the road attack that the saints are trying to delay. But Bracey can't give enough pressure to them. In the whole game, the Panthers made only 8 pressure in the 34 files, no matter numbers.

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